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Manu Cloud Forest – Cock of the Rock

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Visiting the Manu Cloud Forest is not just about seeing the national bird of Peru, the Cock of the Rock, the whole experience is a bit of an adventure!


Peruvian Airlines suspended for 90 days!

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On the evening of the 18th August the Peruvian Ministry for Transport and Communications (MTC) suspended the operations of Peruvian Airlines, one of the four major carriers within Peru for a minimum period of 90 days without introducing any contingency plan for the thousands of affected passengers. This came without any warning and has clearly caused serious disruption.

It may be possible that some or all of the cost of these flights will be reimbursed but there is no guarantee of this nor has any time frame been given. We are waiting on more news and communications to clarify matters.

Clients of ours that will be affected by this have been notified and alternative flights are being arranged. Such last minute changes are outside the control of tour operators like us and this situation highlights the need to purchase travel insurance before your tour as this will cover such incidents.

Galapagos Islands Tightens Restrictions.

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Great BBC video explaining the restrictions of visiting one of our best selling destinations, the Galapagos Islands.

New Peruvian Banknotes

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New designs of Peruvian bank notes have hit the streets, we enclose the new and the old so that when you have them both in your hands, dont panic, they are both legal tender. Here we are showing the 10 and 20 sol notes, new version above the old one.

Pisaq Market in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

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The market at Pisaq is a popular stop on a Peru tour package. The market is not just about handicrafts but as you can see in the video many country people come in to the town to sell their goods to each other.