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Escaped to Latin America Travel on the Inaugural LAN Airlines Flight from Lima to Easter Island

Posted in Uncategorized by escapedtoperu on January 28, 2011

File:Pano Anakena beach.jpg

LAN airlines opened a new direct route from Lima, Peru to the remote Easter Island last week and the Tour Operator Escaped to Latin America were on board.
Previously the main link to the most remote inhabited island in the world had been via the LAN flight from Santiago, Chile but the airline has now added a twice weekly direct flight from Lima. The inaugural flight took off from the Peruvian capital on the 9th of January and carried a contingent of travel agents, operators and hoteliers as well as a large number of eager tourists taking advantage of discounted rates.
Gary Sargent, Managing Director of the travel companies Escaped to Latin America and Escaped to Peru was on board and explains “This new route is very exciting as it offers the chance to combine two ancient cultures in spectacular locations more easily. This five hour direct flight connects the ancient Inca culture with that of the Rapa Nui. Shorter travel times and no extra connections mean that clients can spend more time in each destination and less time in the air and waiting at airports”. 
Easter Island is famous for its huge stone heads which were carved and erected all over the island hundreds of years ago by the Polynesian culture that covered the South Pacific triangle. LAN will be flying to and from Lima on Sundays and Wednesdays allowing people to visit for a few days or a full week.
Gary also explains that “Easter Island is not just about the stone heads, although they are truly spectacular. Clients can also enjoy sports and active pursuits such as trekking, mountain biking, snorkeling, diving, surfing and deep sea fishing plus there is a picture perfect white sand beach to relax on. You should also try the traditional “Umu” food prepared in the ancient way and enjoy the tribal dancing and music”.
LAN say that schedules may change after April so passengers should check with their tour operator or LAN airlines if they are interested in visiting this unusual destination.


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